Shadow Game
Authors: Christine Feehan

Review By: Gigs

    Being already familiar with Ms. Feehan’s blatant style, when I read the back of her 
newest release, Shadow Game, I should have known better than to be too optimistic.  I 
mean the precept for this new book not related to her Dark series, was intriguing.  It 
outlines a tale of conspiracy, intrigue, mystery, as well as romance with a special unit 
of psychics brought together to form a military swat team taking the spotlight.  However, 
as is the norm with Ms. Feehan’s books, the mystery, intrigue, and conspiracy plot line 
quickly took a back seat and fell into a very familiar pattern of: Hero A meets Heroine B 
and we have a little sex. Throw in a few paragraphs about an interesting supporting cast, 
and a little more sex.  Hey we get to meet and immediately dislike the villain, so what 
do we do?  We have some more sex.  Then the plot thickens and danger abounds, so how is 
it solved?  With yet a little bit more sex.  So on and so forth ad nausea.

I must say, although I recognize her style immediately and therefore I suppose I can’t 
fault the author for sticking with what has made her successful, I still couldn’t help 
being somewhat disappointed.  I mean the whole prospect of exploring the covert 
operations potential of a psychic special Forces corp was exhilarating, but the resulting 
story the author offered us totally deflated the original precept’s potential.  Ms. 
Feehan seems content to merely scratch the surface of what the Ghostwalkers are all about 
as merely a means of sating sexual fantasy.  I wanted to scream with frustration that 
she’d show us a moment or two of sheer brilliance in revealing psychic vulnerability or 
dangerous possibilities of such a team only to use it as a means of getting into the main 
characters fatigues… over and over again.  I wanted to see more of the scientific process 
used, more of the covert operations handled, how the weakness were resolved.  I felt 
cheated that the only “action” our guys got to see was breaking into their commanding 
officer’s girlfriend’s bedroom.  Come on!

Hopefully if Ms. Feehan chooses to continue this series in search of the missing “girls”, 
which actually I DO hope she does, then she will consider the clique “less is more” as 
pertaining to more than the main characters clothing, or lack thereof.  Give us something 
more to drool over than the fact the main character is hung like a mule and completely 
uninhibited.  If the guys are so tough, then lets see some blood and guts glory, by 
golly!  That would be a story worth recommending.