Authors: Kelley Armstrong

Review By: Gigs

     In this sequel to Kelley Armstrong’s stunning debut novel, Bitten, we once again get 
plunged into the heart-pumping life of female werewolf, Elena Michaels.  We also get our 
first clue that subsequent novels will not always center around this fascinating 
shapeshifter, but will begin to chronicle several other women of the supernatural 
community.  This is due to the sub-title, Women of the Otherworld, which was mysteriously 
absent from the first novel.  Further clues might be found in the fact that Elena and the 
boys are introduced to a sort of preternatural United Nations during the course of this 
story.  There are introductions and interactions with other species of the preternatural 
community that lay the foundation for what the author ultimately has up her sleeve.  

Consideration of this premise might serve as an appropriate explanation for such an 
abrupt ending in this second novel, which I personally found to be the only mild 
annoyance in an otherwise enjoyable literary experience.  The plot line exhibits 
overtones of “The Most Dangerous Game” crossed with “The Island of Dr. Moreau” which adds 
to the excitement.  Most of the personal issues that were prevalent in the first book 
have resolved for the main character.  This might have caused it to drag, however, Ms. 
Armstrong found an excellent way of circumferencing that problem by having our girl “wolf-
napped”.  Thus the game is afoot ya might say.

Although in the larger picture one can clearly see that this book is meant to pave the 
way for the rest of the series to thrive on a conceptual level, I believe that any avid 
reader of preternatural fiction will be so engrossed in the fast-moving action and 
thrills this book has to offer, they won’t notice the author cutting our attachment to 
Elena’s apron strings.  Much.  Cheers and good reading, Folks!