The Darkangel
Authors: Meredith Ann Pierce

Review By: Gigs

     This was an interesting find I came across in the Trade-a-Book store after noting 
its title on an Amazon recommendations list.  The Darkangel is geared more for the young 
adult section, but still has some interesting twists to fire the imagination of even 
older audiences.  The plot centers around a young serving girl whose mistress is whisked 
off by the Darkangel to be his bride.  From the stories her childhood nurse used to tell 
her about the Darkangels or vampyre’s, the girl knows that her friend is fate is death. 
She sets off to exact revenge only to find that things are not all that they seem and she 
is confronted by a choice; to destroy him for his crimes or save him for his beauty and 
that spark of goodness still inside him.


I must say that the beginning was a little disorienting as the setting is foreign, you 
begin to find out just HOW foreign as the story progresses, and the author throws a 
menagerie of foreign terms at you to decipher without a whole lot of supportive 
explanation. Hang in there though because the end result is rather enchanting.  The 
vampyre of this story can move about in daylight and he has wings.  Twelve of them to be 
exact.  I can’t even begin to think how you would fit six sets of wings on one body.  The 
author leaves a note at the end of the book about how the setting was inspired by a 
writing from Jung on the colonization of the moon.  As I read through however, I was 
reminded of different elements from C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe 
which actually added to my personal enjoyment.


      The Darkangel is the first in a trilogy and is a rather quick read, probably a one-
nighter for most of us.  However the sci-fi twist in the plot offers a fascinating hook 
for those vamp connoisseurs on the look out for new and intriguing takes on traditional 
preternatural folklore.  Cheers and good reading, folks.