Lord of the Rings


Genre: Fantasy epic
Distributer: New Line Cinema
Director: Peter Jackson
Release Date(s) Fellowship of the Rings December 2001
The Two Towers December 2002
The Return of the King December 2003
Official Website: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

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I had not read the books yet, but was very familiar with the cartoon series by this name when these movies came out. Having thoroughly enjoyed the cartoons, I had great expectations for this live-action version and I was not disappointed. The cinematography is fantastic! All of the work that went into these films from the artwork, to the costumes, to the sets, the acting, the editing, the special effects, all bore testament to the extraordinary talent of Mr. Jackson, his cast, and crew. The length of the movies was a bit of a bladder endurance, but well worth it. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves fantasy fiction. -Gigs

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