Peter Pan


Genre: Fantasy
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Director: P.J. Hogan
Release Date December 25, 2003
Official Website: Peter Pan

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There have been many, many, MANY versions of Peter Pan, both animated and Live Action. My favorites thus far has been Hook starring Robin Williams and, of course, the Disney version. So this one caught my eye as something that might be cute and with all the new wonders of special effects coming to the screen these days, it could at least prove to be light entertainment. And so it was. I rather enjoyed this return trip to Neverland. I must say the garb of Captain Hook looked awesome on Jason Isaacs. I'd say he was almost born for the part, almost as much so as his role in Harry Potter as Lucien Malfoy.

I was a bit disturbed at the romantic turn they tried to give it between Peter and Wendy. They're kids for heaven's sake. Is it really such a crime to make one entire movie without flaunting sexual overtones. No they didn't actually get with it, but the overtones were still there. At these kids age, they should have been screaming "Ewwwww, cooties"!

Still, all in all, it was rather enjoyable. Well worth the price of admission...matinee.-Gigs

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